Overhead cranes

At Hoisting you will find a broad range of rotating bridges. We help you to choose the best option for your specific situation. The wide variety of travelling cranes, overhead rail systems, slewing cranes and portal cranes is supplemented by various hoisting systems such as electrical steel-wire hoists and electrical hoisting chains. You can also rely on Hoisting for installation and extra accessories.

Overhead travelling cranes

Due to Hoisting's expertise, we can equip both smaller and larger surfaces with the ideal travelling crane. This perfect adjustment to any situation, in combination with load capacities of 5 to 100 tons, makes every challenge within Hoisting's reach.

  • Flexible and varied use
  • Load capacity 5 to 100 tons, depending on the type of travelling crane
  • Main spar of either sliding profiles or welded tubes.
  • Span of max 36 meters
  • Perfect adjustments to any situation

HB Light crane systems

The overhead rail systems by Hoisting are rotating bridges that can lift up to 2 tons. The compact building height makes that we can install this system in many spaces. On top of that, the device can be fitted with a system that makes it movable electronically.

  • Girder aisles of up to 22m, depending on the type of rail system
  • Load capacity of up to 2 tons
  • Compact building height
  • Optional electronic moving system
  • Cornering available for certain models

Jib cranes

Hoisting offers a slewing crane for just about any situation. With a load capacity of up to 6,3 tons and the option to swing with ease, manually or electronically, you can count on high performances. On top of that, we offer models with a low own weight that you can use on weaker foundations.

  • Load capacity 0,5 to 6,3 tons
  • Easy-going electrical trolley movement
  • Unloading of up to 10 meters, depending on the load
  • Easy to swing, manually or electronically
  • Several models have a low own weight, making them applicable on weaker floors and foundations

Electric wire rope hoists

The various electrical hoisting chain models by Hoisting offer you a suited rotating bridge for any situation. For small loads in small buildings you can opt for the single girder trolleys, or if you prefer brute force you could choose the double girder trolleys with double hoists. This enables you to lift up to 100 tons.

  • 6 models to succeed in any situation
  • Load capacity from 10 to 100 tons
  • Compact building height available for certain models
  • One or two direct driving mechanisms for trolley movement

Electric chain hoists

The electrical hoisting chains by Hoisting are compact and powerful hoisting systems that can lift up to 4 tons. With speeds up to 20 meters per minute, you can work fast while respecting safety. Each electrical hoisting chain comes with an ABUCommander control unit.

  • Lifting capacity from 200 kg to 4 tons
  • Lifting speed of 12, 16 or 20 m/min
  • ABUCommander control unit
  • 2 lifting speeds or steplessly variable for one model

Lightweight mobile gantries

Hoisting offers you this manually movable portal cranes to easily move heavy object over a short distance. You can mount any electrical hoisting chain and lift loads of up to 2 tons and up to 5 meters high. With the four swivelling wheels, you can move the loads with little own effort.